Native PDF Printing - Zero byte PDF Seguir

Jim Hogg

I'm trying to setup an integration using the native PDF printer. When I run the integration, a pdf is created with the name specified from the integration file but the pdf file is zero bytes and has no data. Any idea why select PDF as the printer would cause an empty file?

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Al Perez
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Hello Jim, thanks for reaching out!

Jim, there are some known issues with the native PDF printer and those issues don't get any better when printing via the Integration Platform, unfortunately. 

I highly suggest that you open a case with our Technical Support Team here to see if they can suggest a workaround for you... please note, you may have to use a different PDF driver in order to get your integration to properly print. In other cases, it may be a matter of providing an account on the integration to impersonate a user (and therefore, giving the Integration proper permissions to those resources, such as the PDF printer). Just to be sure though, reach out to the Tech Support Team and they can investigate for you.

I hope that helps!

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