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Susan Herr

Can I add images to a label template that pertain to specific menu items? I have a date field name that pulls images from a server file folder. But I'm not sure the data field sources is setup correctly. Do you have documentation on this? 


Every template would have a specific image pertaining to that menu'd item. I want the template to have a conditioning rule to pull in only the image that is selected for that menu item.

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Pete Thane
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It sounds like you are not using a database connection and so this relates to adding an image linked to a different source.

  • Make sure your image file has the same name as the value of the data field on your label
  • In the Properties of the Text field Data Source above click on the Change Data Source Name button and give this field a name
  • Add a Get File Name from Data Source image and set the path to be the location of where your label is being stored. NOTE: Make sure whichever user account will be printing the labels has access rights to this networked folder.
  • In the column on the left click on "Sample Text" below the word Data Sources
  • When the new screen opens click on the Change Data Source button and select the name you set above (I called my field PicName)
  • Now click on the New Data Source button and add a new embedded text field and in the Embedded Data box type in the file extension of your image file (i use a JPEG file and so added .jpg in this box - dont miss out the dot!)

The process for a databased filed is similar but you do not need to sue a Named Data Source but instead in the picture setup just link to the field in your database where the controlling variable is stored.

I hope this helps

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