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Need support


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello David,

    Welcome to the Community forums!

    I believe you were able to reach BarTender Technical Support via web-form. Please provide them with your BarTender Support Number or Product Key Code so they can retrieve your support plan details and our expert technicians can begin troubleshooting this issue with you. 

    You can find this information on the "Help > About" tab on BarTender Designer. If you can't access the software or this information is unavailable, I would recommend reaching the BarTender reseller who provided you with this license as they would have the necessary information.

    If it's a trial license you are having issues with, you can access the Sales Portal panel right on top of the screen once you've logged in with the email account you used to download the trial license, and retrieve the Product Key Code or Support Number from the "License" tab:

    Also, depending on the issue, our Community might be able to help you with this, so feel free to expand on the issue/query you have and we will be happy to help (keep in mind this is an open forum though, so please don't share Support Numbers or personal information)!


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