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Printing Issues


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hi Steven,

    Welcome to the BarTender Community Forums!

    There are a few things we could test and try in order to fix this issue:

    • Usually, unwanted behavior such as this has a common link: Does this happen when we try to access a particular database, print a BarTender document, or access the document and database in question with a particular user? Or do we find the exact same scenario sometimes working as expected and other times failing?

    • Is BarTender up to date? You can verify if your BarTender version is patched with the latest service release by accessing our download webpage and comparing the versions here with the one displayed on the "Help > About" tab in BarTender Designer. If your BarTender version is not up to date, I would recommend updating it by following our article on How to Update to the Current Revision of BarTender.

    • What kind of database are you using? If this is an Excel Database, I would advise going through this article, as it goes through some common troubleshooting steps we could follow.

    Hopefully, this was of use; if not, please let us know.

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    Steven Medina

    Thank for the reply, so currently we only have one user account and the database is an excel file. we are running on bartender 2019 version 11.1/144231 (64-bit). It happens at different times we could days with out an issue and then it could be multiple times in one day. i am currently reading through the article you linked as well for any insight. I will also add that we have another computer and its all the same but there have been no issues.


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