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Hello. I'm having some issues on some computers when trying to add a label printer from a printer share.

I have over 150 label printers on a server they all have the correct drivers installed.

When ever I try to add a shared printer I either get 0x0000011b, 0x00000bcb, or an error that says that the computer doen't have enough memory to perform this action. 

I can add the printer by IP address to the computer but that takes up a printer license.

I just tried about everything under the sun to try and fix this issue including reinstalling windows on the computer.

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Xabier Clemente
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Hi Eren,

Welcome to the BarTender Community Forums!

We do have an article referencing Error 0x0000011b when connecting to a printer with a couple of suggestions you might want to try.

That being said, this is quite a strange issue you are experiencing and we might need some more information in order to properly troubleshoot this issue; apart from the errors when trying to add the printer from a printer share, what is the printer's behavior like? Any other particular issues? Can it print correctly?

Could you tell us what printer model and drivers are you using? With this info, we might be able to find any similar cases such as yours logged in on our system (and hopefully resolved). Right now,

Also, have you reached the printer manufacturer? Perhaps they are aware of this issue and have a fix in place for it.


Chris Driscoll
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I have the same issue.   This cause is due to the Microsoft PrintNightmare vulnerability "fix".

Printers will fail to install when they are shared from a Print Server.  

The fix is to have Seagull release Type 4 - User Mode drivers and then you would need to update the printer drivers on the print server itself.

Hope this helps!


Eren Guler
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Hello Chris is there a specific link that you can give me for a Seagull Type 4 user mode driver.

I downloaded the latest driver from the Seagull website (2021.3) and applied it to BarTender Label Printer, and that has not resolved that specific ‘Microsoft PrintNightmare vulnerability’ issue.

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