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label needs to print a jpeg only on certain sku's


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    Peter Thane

    It has been a while since I used 2016 and I am trying to remember what options there are for graphics when the file is not found, I believe it was in 2019 that this specific error handling was added:

    There will be a way round this anyway but it depends how you are specifying the graphic in your database, full name, full name with .jpg extension, full name and path etc..


    Multiple databases can be linked in BarTender in the usual way, but once you have connected the 2nd (and subsequent databases if required) you will then be asked to create a "join" between them. This declaration will need to say that the data in field 1 in database 1 is the same as the data in field 4 of database 2 for example, ie you need to tell BarTender where the information in the two databases is indentical, such as which field contains the product code for your items in your two databases  


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