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We have setup 2 BarTender environments (test and prod) where Test's Integration server and its database are on one server, and for Prod we have 2 separate servers (1 for Integration and 1 for its database).  When I develop and test I use the test environment and check the files into Librarian there.  When something goes to production I end up pulling all the files from Librarian, moving them to the other server, then checking them in there.  Seems tedious, manual, and prone to error.  Is there a better way to setup and manage these 2 environments and the workflow between them for integrations and template files?

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Peter Thane
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Could you add a new testing Workflow to your production system that only certain users have access to, one of which would be the user account that runs the test integration service?
The test workflow could then feed into the live Production workflow at whatever stage it needs to.

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