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Is Bartender compatible with Snap500 / Snap700 printers?




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Xabier Clemente
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Hi Guy!

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the compatibility of BarTender with Snap500 and Snap700 printers.

While it does appear that we currently don't have dedicated Drivers by Seagull™ for those specific printers; that doesn't mean however that these will not work with BarTender: We recommend that you use printers that use our printer drivers, as they can provide you a better experience using BarTender, but this is not a requisite for using BarTender. You can still print from any printer from our software as long as the printer has a Windows-compatible printer. So, there shouldn't be any issues using the manufacturer's driver and printing with BarTender.

You can find them here.

Should you have any other questions regarding this issue, please feel free to reach back out!

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