Toshiba BA420T-TS12 syntax error Seguir


I have a printer that started displaying syntax error for a specific template after an update was installed on the print server and the server restarted. The driver is BA400 (300dpi) v2022.1.0.0.

Here are the commands that are being sent when printing directly to file from designer:

<xpml><page quantity='0' pitch='32.9 mm'></xpml>{D0349,0880,0329|}
<xpml></page></xpml><xpml><page quantity='1' pitch='32.9 mm'></xpml>{C|}

And the error displayed on the printer display when printing from designer to printer:


Syntax error in the command.

Check the composition of the command.

What exactly is the issue with the composition?


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Peter Thane
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Not sure what the error could be but I would suggest trying to reinstall the driver as it sounds like the server update has effected it in some way. 

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