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Hello Everyone,

I have been using Bartender Designer to work with templates, and Librarian to manage the images / templates, for some time.  Typically these templates are linked to an Excel file for their database.  However, I don't have experience with SQL databases / servers, and I'm now starting to look into them.  I have a few different questions and would appreciate any feedback.

Is the Bartender Data Builder format an SQL style database, or is it a proprietary format?

Can Bartender manage a database the same way it manages templates / images in Librarian?  Revs, change logs, etc?  With templates it will auto check them out and force notes upon check in.  It seems like I can get the same result by manually checking out/in an excel database, but not by double clicking to launch and then saving after changes.

I'm not an IT person by any means, so I'm sorry if these questions don't make sense or are worded incorrectly. 

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Peter Thane
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Data Builder is in a proprietary format.

No BarTender does not manage databases, other than its own System Database, if you are using that, but that does not store data for labels.

Kyle Blackwell
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Thanks for your response Peter, this was exactly what I was looking for!

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