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I have a Server 2012 R2 that accepts multiple print jobs from several Android devices and prints to several Zebra GK420t printers.

After a print job is sent to print spooler the jobs finish successfully and a label prints, however, the job is finished the memory is not released from the SplWoW64.exe, thus causing the memory to build and eventually the process has to be stopped manually.

As a workaround we added the GK420t to a Windows 7 Pro machine (64-bit OS with 4GB RAM), ran our application on this machine and all went well no intervention was needed.

Things that I tried is as follow:

  1. Tried going a registry edit as per Microsoft, this too did not work https://support.microsoft.com/en-za/help/2856657/splwow64.exe-process-does-not-end-after-a-print-job-finishes-in-windows-8-or-windows-server-2012
  2. Changed a printer driver to point to Cute PDF writer driver, change the port to write to a file on server, this way we could see if the print job was using the driver. With this test the SplWow64.exe was not using any memory resources.
  3. On the Printer propertiesàSharingàAdditional Drivers added the x86 driver

My next troubleshoot is to find a 32-bit Zebra driver, at least with this I'm guessing that if the job hit the print spooler it would not have to convert the job (SplWow64.exe converts 32-bit jobs to 64-bit)


If there is anyone who can guide or direct me to resolve this, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Daniele Giovanelli
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Has this ever been solved?

Elangovan Devasenathy
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We are facing similar issue with splwow64.exe with high memory usage  on our Windows 2016 servers. Is it a printer driver issue or the Print host for Driver application splwow64.exe itself. high memory usgae brining the server down and jobs beign queued up. 

We are using LPT1 and LPT2 print parallel ports for testing. 

Was this issue resolved?


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