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alexander mikhailov

Printer TSC TTP-345 Seagull drivers ver. 7.1

Template width 4"

Printer resolution is set 300 dpi


Correct me if I am wrong but 1200 pixels should precisely fit the template (1200/300=4)

Unfortunately the 1200 px picture is a way bigger and needs 50% rescaling. It looks like Designer itself interprets the picture resolution like 150 DPI.


When you need the highest quality greyscale print, the best way is to convert it in Photoshop to Black&White with error diffusion. And then print it as a black&white image / no dither / no diffusion / no scaling -- just pixel-to-pixel.

So the problem is that something makes an internal rescaling such producing the mess on the printed label. Is it possible to set the label resolution EQUAL to the printer resolution or otherwise outsmart Designer? 


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James Sharp
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Hi Alexander,


Printer resolution and pixel count don't have a direct resolution like this. The best option would be to size the image to the measurements you need and let the graphic program figure out the pixel dimensions.

Generally speaking if you put a higher resolution picture into your design the better it's going to come out of the printer. Also, most thermal printers are bitmap based, so a bitmap or tiff image are going to require less conversion then a vector graphic.

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