How to select a record based on a text-input field? S’abonner


I want to create an input formula where the user can input an EAN13-Code.
The EAN13-Code is divided in the connected data source.

The table is consisting of (EANCountry, EANCompany, EANArticle, EANChecksum) instead of the complete EAN13-Code.
I was able to seperate the EAN13-Code from the text-input in the label design.

In the label design I can display the following columns:
  • EANCountry
  • EANCompany
  • EANArticle
  • EANChecksum
However I can't "filter" the records based on the value of the columns:
EANCountry, EANCompany, EANArticle, EANChecksum.
I also discovered the filter option in the database setup.
However there I have to use 4 seperate Inputs (EANCountry = ?EANCountry, EANCompany = ?EANCompany, ...).
Would be great if I can insert the value only one time and the application can split the required parts into a query.
How can I filter data based on the input mask?
Are there any examples from which I can learn?
Kind regards

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