How do I find what *unnamed* data source is linked to a data entry control? S’abonner

David Nijjar

Suppose I am editing a data entry form.

In the toolbox on the left side of the screen, there are listed all text objects in my template, including all their data sources, INCLUDING unnamed data sources.

I can drag and drop an UNNAMED data source (with the type of Embedded Text )from one of these listed objects to my data entry form, and create a data entry control. Whatever the print operator types in this control will become the embedded text for that data source.

However, how do I later find out what data entry control is linked to what data source, or vice verca? For example:
- if I am in my template and I look at that data source's properties, I cannot find anywhere where it says that it links to the data entry control
- if I look at the properties of the data entry control, I cannot see anywhere where it says what unnamed data source it links to.

The closest I can get is by looking at the properties of (any!) data entry control, and looking at its Linked Data Source node.A tree of all named data sources plus objects (and their data sources, including unnamed data sources) appears. If I hover my mouse over every unnamed data source, it tells me if there is a data entry control that links to it.
` But, this of course is terrible. There should be a way to directly see if a given unnamed data source links to a data entry control, and vice verca. Is there?

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