seeking help with vector file format S’abonner

Laura Segel

I have custom designed labels in .EPS format. I need to IMPORT these into BarTender in their native format ... and then add the bar codes ... and then EXPORT the final images as .EPS files, because the printer that we are working with (print company, not desktop printer) needs either .AI or .EPS source files in order to do the print job.
But your website says: 
While BarTender can import vector graphic image formats, BarTender itself does not use vectors. All images imported into or exported from BarTender are saved as bitmaps.
Assuming that what I need is not natively possible with BarTender, what do you suggest? You don't recommend cutting and pasting the bar codes, but I don't see any other option that would allow me to preserve the original format of the design files. Please help! Thanks
(PS I've attached a png file of the stickers so you can see what they look like.)

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