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 We deploy new printer settings on 2012 R2 servers, one printer setting for each stock type. This is done through the SSDAL utility and settings are imported successfully. This is done for 3 separate queues for each Zebra GK420t printers, have tried latest driver 7.4.3.

Settings imported include -

  • Stock type
  • Orientation
  • Darkness
  • Speed Settings
  • Tools > Driver Options > Printing Preferences > Share settings all users
  • Tools > Driver Options > Security > Network users > Administrators

Once imported, they appear correct but when printing labels from application, the settings don't appear to stick. I have to manually change the preset or refresh a setting for it to print correctly for each printer queue.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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Dmitry Okunev
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Good day.
We have exactly the same problem.
We have over 10 Toshiba B-FV4 printers installed on the Windows Server 2012 R2 with TOSHIBA TEC TPCL Driver Ver: 2019.1. Using ssdal.exe, we imported the necessary profiles for printing, however, the printer does not print with these profiles until the user confirms them manually by pressing the OK, in the print settings menu.

We noticed that when you select a profile manually, the user will have entries in the registry in the \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Printers \ DevModePerUser and \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Printers \ DevModes2 branches with this profile.
Why these records don't appear to users automatically when using the printer or when importing settings using ssdal.exe?

It is not correct when each user needs to confirm the pre-set print settings manually by pressinfg OK button in print settings menu.

Please help in solving this problem.

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