Multiple data sources for a serialized Barcode S’abonner

James Perry

We need to print a label containing a serialized barcode using embedded data.

The barcode is made up from 2 components:

  • Branch Number
  • Incremental Number

The incremental number is tied to each branch. e.g. branch 1 is up to number 86433, but branch 2 is only up to 54356.

The final barcode should be a Code 128 barcode with padding to 8 characters.

So, when printing the label, we need somehow to:

  • Select the branch
  • Enter the number of labels/serial numbers to print
  • Have the label print the relevant barcodes.

In the examples above, if I opt to print 10 labels for branch 1, the barcodes produced should be 10086433 to 10086442 inclusive.

If I opt to print 10 labels for branch 2, the barcodes produced should be 20054356 to 20054365 inclusive.

Subsequent prints should continue from where the previous prints left off.

Is this possible?

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