Embed one BTW document inside another S’abonner

Steve Klett

We currently have a production sign off form for product label verification. This form is a word doc and to create we do the following:

  1. Open the product label BTW file
  2. Update it's fields (date, lot, etc.)
  3. Save
  4. Export as a PNG file
  5. Edit word doc
  6. Replace image control with newly exported PNG file
  7. Print word doc

It works, but it could be much better:

  1. Open the product label BTW file
  2. Update it's fields (date, lot, etc.)
  3. Save
  4. Print the (now BTW document) sign-off form which has an embedded BTW format control
  5. The sign-off form prints with the product label included

Not only 2 less steps, but less error prone and compatible with a Print Station workflow.

I just called support and was told there isn't a way to embed a BTW file in another BTW file. I was surprised, seems like a powerful feature, not only for the above but as a mechanism to create composite labels composed of many separate pieces that can be shared and updated separately.


Is there now way to accomplish what I want in the current version?


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Shotaro Ito
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Current BarTender don't have such feature - and it sounds difficult to implement as BarTender doesn't have OLE object embed etc. 
In such case I would try 

1. Edit product label btw

2. Print to PDF using Microsoft PDF Printer etc with specific file name (label.pdf)

3. On report btw, place a picture with source from path (label.pdf) and print

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