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Encoding Pictures into RFID


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    Peter Thane

    There is no file extension showing in the error and so that could be the problem. You may want to add a second sub-string to your field that adds on the .jpg or .bmp etc and see if it then works

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    Kerry Smith

    Peter, how would I go about doing that? I tried adding .jpg as a suffix to no avail. Here are the options for Encoder 2 Picture:

    Data Source:

               Name: <none>

               Description: Sample Text

               Type: External File

              File Source: Get file name from named data source:

                       Named Data source: Barcode # (from barcode field)

                       Default Path: A:\admin\inventory\pictures\

    Data Type:

       Type: Picture

        Format: Jpeg

        Colors: 24-bit

        Sizing: Default


    Supression, Compression, VB Script: <none>

    Prefix & suffix: Suffix.jpg


    On my file side:

    File name 13235

    Type of File: Adobe Acrobat 2020 (.jpg) -- I do not have a good photo editor and make do with acrobat

    Opens With Acrobat 2020

    Size: 2.27 MB



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    Peter Thane

    Can the tag hold that much memory? 

    Is there are a permissions issue perhaps accessing the network folder? You could try moving to a local folder and see if that is the problem


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