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Zebra cutting at end of integration not each label.


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    Peter Thane

    The first thing I would suggest is test it with the Seagull rather than ZDesigner driver. BarTender performs far better with this and on numerous occasions (although not all) switching to Seagull from a ZDesigner driver has fixed any little issues I have come across especially where peripherals are in use, such as cutters and internal rewinds etc. 

    Each line may be being handled as a separate print run, however, and so this may not adjust this but you could try using the Cut After Job setting that is present in the Seagull driver and see what that does for you situation. 

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    Chris Attwood

    Good suggestion thanks Peter. I might save that one to last though as I have only just returned from my last 7 days of penance for the temerity of changing a printer driver 😂


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