Integration issues when no printer variable present S’abonner


In my setup, we are ingesting XML files with our print data, converting those XML into CSV to process into a BTW template. So far everything appears to work without issue, unless the incoming XML is missing a printer object variable.

I've set up the printer field as a Bartender Variable, so regardless of what printer is in the XML it passes it through to the print stage. We are seeing issues when there is no printer variable, the integration assumes we want to use the printer setup in the BTW file.

Is there anyway to kill the print task if no variable is found for Printer? Either by another step in the integration or some other method?

Right now my only solution is to filter out the XML files without a printer field and not generate a CSV for them or maybe rename the CSV/place it in a different folder thats not scanned. This would be done in the XSLT for each template.


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