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Altivo Almeida

is it possible to print with a bartender where the printing of a label will be carried out if a previous batch field of the same product has already been printed ? otherwise, the bartender does not print.

is it possible using vbscript read information in history explorer ?  any idea ?

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Laura Vela
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Hello Altivo,

Thank you for your message.

Probably the easiest way to set something like this up, would be by storing this batch field information somewhere (a database (not the system database)) and then running and action to read this information at print time, compare it with the current value and then proceed or not.

In v2016 the only way to achieve this would be using VBscript, however with v2019 and v2021 it is also possible to use Document Actions / Form Actions, to set this up. For this, you might find the following articles helpful:


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