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BarTender Professional 2021 R3 bug: Printing of copies failed


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Magdalena,

    Thank you for reaching out via our BarTender Community. The issue you described with BarTender 2021 R3 is indeed an expected behavior rather than a failure. When you print a number of labels that is not divisible by the number of labels per page, BarTender will attempt to fill as many complete pages as possible and then print the remaining labels on additional pages.

    In your example, where you need to print 22 labels, BarTender prints 5 fully printed pages (20 labels) because that's the maximum number of complete pages that can be printed. The 6th page contains the remaining 2 labels, but it repeats the same content as the previous fully printed pages to utilize the available space on the page.

    This behavior is by design in BarTender and is intended to ensure that the labels are positioned correctly on the page and maintain consistency throughout the print job. It's important to note that the print preview in BarTender may not reflect the final arrangement of labels on the physical pages accurately.

    If you need to print a specific number of labels that is not divisible by the number of labels per page, you may need to consider adjusting your label template or the number of labels you print to accommodate a full page. Alternatively, you can manually arrange the labels on the page in BarTender's design mode to achieve the desired layout.

    I hope this clarifies the behavior you observed. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know!

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    Peter Thane

    Not sure if this was available in BarTender 2021 but in 2022 there is a setting in the Page Setup on the Print Order tab that allows you to control where the printing starts from on multi-label per pages templates and so this would get round the wasted labels you are encountering

    and so at print time you get this

    and it prints like this on a 2 by 3 label


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    Magdalena Drumm


    thanks a lot for your answers! The starting point feature could be a workaround, this is in BarTender 2021 also possible, I´ll check this.

    Even though I can't quite understand the sense of this behaviour of BarTender, because it is very error-prone if you don't pay attention when entering the data. ;D



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