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Cannot change print speed


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    Peter Thane

    I get the same too, which is strange as with the ZDesigner drivers there is a speed 2, 3 and 4 (inches per second) setting. 

    If the print speed needs to be permanently fixed at a value other than 4 then a quick fix would be to use Designer (not Print Station) and instead of printing a label click the print to file option and then "print" it. Make sure the "use current printer settings" for the speed is not ticked beforehand so that it does include the speed setting.

    This will create an output code with all the EPL commands including an S4 (speed 4 command).

    Open this file using Notepad and you should see something like this, 

    Edit the S command to either 2 or 3 as required and save the file.

    Next back in BarTender Designer untick the Print to File and tick the Use Current Printer settings and save the label. Then back in the File>Print screen click on Printer Properties and the Tools tab and from the Action drop down select the Send File to Printer and browse through the output file you edited and saved above. This will then send and print that file on the printer making the S value you chose the new printer setting. 

    If you need to be able to vary the speed for each label there is probably an alternate way to do this but this needs a bit of coding to achieve.



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