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BTXML issue


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    Tanner Kerby

    Hi Gregory,

    I was able to create a test file integration using your script, and only changing the label file path and printer name. I was able to successfully print using the data in the XML script.


    - Make sure that your "NamedSubString" value is named correctly on the label. The named data source needs to be typed out exactly how it is in the script.

    - Also make sure that your integration is indeed using the "Print BTXML Script" action to print and not a normal "Print Document" action.

    If you aren't able to get this to work, you may want to open up a ticket with technical support if you have active maintenance. 


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    Gregory Groth

    It was the action.  Sorry, I was trying to set up the integration from memory (which I think was 8 years ago).  

    Best regards,

    Greg Groth


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