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We can't Permalock the tag UCODE9


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    Ron Lawson

    Try the last post in this thread below. The UCode9 needs 5P's in the RLM lock command. The Monza R6 supports 5 P's. This seems to transmit the required 5 P's the chip is looking for to lock it.

    RFID ecoding questions - Permalock and TID – BarTender Support Portal (

    If you are not familiar with the P's I am talking about, visit this link and it will show you how many arguments (P's for perma-lock) are needed for the respective chip types.

    Good luck!


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    Mark Schweikle

    I am also having the same issue with the same chip and have tried the suggestions to insert the modified code from Bartender at print time. I have also confirmed that when those lock settings are set through Bartender the output in the .prn file contains the correct arguments for that chip per the Zebra support article.



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    <xpml></page></xpml><xpml><page quantity='1' pitch='44.5 mm'></xpml>^XA
    ^A0N,14,19^FD2.0 GPM Power Pak Electric Tankless Water Heater^FS
    ^A0N,14,19^FD- 4.4 kw 110-Volt - 11.1" H x 10.2" W x 4.8" D^FS

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