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Sending label quantity immediately


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    Peter Thane

    In most instances BarTender will use the printer's onboard capabilities and send down the one file and print X copies command to the unit but other factors can prevent this. 

    One of these can be the settings on the File>Print>Performance screen which could disable this functionality. Also the data being sent and fonts being used can also cause an issue. With variable fields or sequential numbers then using CAB fonts for these would probably help and for barcodes you may want to check the Print Method settings to allow the printer to control most of these.


    I have seen it previously where everything looks correct but this still happens and after further digging/testing it turned out on particular text string was causing an issue. With that removed then the file was sent correctly but when it was on the label it didnt. To get round this we had to delete the field and add it back on in full again. 


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