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Hi for all,


I created a file of the type .btbat for label printing, I throw from a process "printing.bat" that is running continuously in a loop, and it works perfectly, but it shows a window with the message "Printing... Please wait".


Now I want to run it from a windows service, but I do not know how you disable the message window.

Can you help me please?. Thank you very much, greetings.



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Ian Cummings
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Instead of running a batch file, why don't you develop your service to use BarTender's automation interface?  Note that this requires the Automation edition or above.




Public Sub Demo()
   ' Initialize & start a new BarTender print engine. 
   using btEngine As New Engine(True)
      ' Open a format.

      ' Declare a commandline and execute it ' (this command line will print all open formats). 
      Dim commandLine As String = "/P"

      ' Since the commandline is processed asynchronously, we must ' wait for printing to complete before stopping the engine. 
      Do While btEngine.IsProcessingCommandLines OrElse btEngine.IsPrinting

      ' Stop the BarTender print engine.
   End Using 
End Sub
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first, thank you very much for the quick response, let me explain how it is currently operating.


Content of file .csv

first row -> printer;label;status;spec_name;article_id;unit_id;customer_po;short_name;code_product_fefco;grade;width_ord;diam_ord;s_wgt_scaled;s_length_lineal;unwind;mill_id;Barcode1;Barcode2;Order_id;Line_Item;Consignee_id

second row ->

MD1W1;STANDARD;G;INTERPAC  105;INT105X2250X1400X100;3010000002;inicio opti;STOCK;50;105;225;140;2502;10700;<<<<;MD1;30100000022712;501052250250210700;D000002;2;99999071

the concatencion of the first two columns of the csv. determining the printer. MD1W1+STANDARD



Content of files.txt


relationship of files containing information to transfer the labels to print



each file labelMD1W1.btbat, labelMD1W2.btbat, labelMA1W1.btbat, labelMD1RW1.btbat is designed for a four different printer


@echo on
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
cd  D:\labels\label

del /Q D:\labels\label\label.csv
del /Q D:\labels\label\files.txt
dir /B D:\labels\print_label\*.csv >D:\labels\label\files.txt
for /f "eol=# tokens=*" %%a in (D:\labels\label\files.txt) do (
    if not %%a.==. (
        copy /Y D:\labels\print_label\%%a D:\labels\label\label.csv
        for /f "eol=# skip=1 tokens=1,2 delims=; " %%f in (D:\labels\label\label.csv) do (
            If Not "%%f"=="" (                
                If "%%f%%g"=="MD1W1STANDARD" CALL D:\labels\label\labelMD1W1.btbat
                If "%%f%%g"=="MD1W2STANDARD" CALL D:\labels\label\labelMD1W2.btbat
                If "%%f%%g"=="MA1W1STANDARD" CALL D:\labels\label\labelMA1W1.btbat
                If "%%f%%g"=="MD1RW1STANDARD" CALL D:\labels\label\labelMD1RW1.btbat
                move /Y D:\labels\print_label\%%a D:\labels\printed_label
                TIMEOUT /T 10
            ) ELSE (
                TIMEOUT /T 10
                goto begin

goto begin



everything works fine in the current batch, showing the popup mentioned, "Printing... Please wait", the problem is that if someone closes the session, it stops working.

For that reason, I tried to launch the batch, from scheduled tasks, without errors, but does not work.

Also with the compiler "Quick batch compiler", I made ​​the batch executable .exe. From the cmd (command line of windows), the executable works correctly and displays the popup mentioned
"Printing... Please wait".

But now,
the executable launched from the scheduled tasks, or from the service, does not produce errors, but does not work, for this, I think it all fails if from the scheduled tasks, or services, because you can not display the popup.

Thank you very much, best regards.

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