Command Handler Not Completing But Not Crashing S’abonner

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We are experiencing an intermittent issue with commander and bartender on two distinct servers. 


We are running Bartender Enterprise Automation version 9.4 SR3 


1)     The commander task is configured to monitor a folder on the server commander is running on. 

a)     The folders receive XML files constructed per the bartender XML markup details in the Bartender help files. 

B)     The task is configured to rename and keep the file after processing


2)     The command handler for each server runs multiple processes of bartend.exe 

a)     The processes are configured with separate desktop heaps of 512 KB per process. 

Screen captures of the commander settings are in the attached word document.  I have also embedded examples of the XML files placed in the monitored folder.


Our end users are reporting two different types of problems

a)     Intermittently label requests do not print a label.  Users usually submit another label request at the time and the label successfully prints.

B)     multiple labels printing from a single request.  The extra labels are usually not related to the label request submitted. 


During our diagnosis of a recent type a) problem we were killing the bartend.exe processes one by one. New bartend.exe processes were created when commander processed the next XML file. 


When we killed one of the bartend.exe processes several label jobs completed and sent spool files to several printers.  At that time print job details were written to the bartender system database.  We tracked the print jobs back to the relevant .dat files.  There was no print job entry in the system database corresponding to the timestamp on the .dat file.


It appears that one of the bartend.exe processes accepts a print request but does not report a failure back to the commander process.  It also appears that the bartend.exe process continues to accept further print jobs and queues the processing behind the job it has not completed.  Once the broken process is terminated, the commander process resends the print requests to the new bartend.exe processes. 


Has anyone else had this problem?  Were you able to resolve the problem?



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