Tcp/ip Trigger In A Pc With Two Active Network Connections Possible? S’abonner

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A PC (Windows 10, 64 bit running BT 10.1 SR4) is connected to two thermal printers through an unmanaged (desktop) switch, all set with a fixed IP address. (stand alone configuration)


A local custom app sends TCP/IP triggers with variable data to Commander, each printer having a task (with a different port), so printing is controlled by sending variable data to a different port.


The PC has a second network adapter, intended for the custom app to occasionally exchange information over the company network (for example: log files). The entire setup is mobile and needs to run both on and off line, hence the second network connection.


However, when connecting the second network card, Commander still indicates that it is listening, but a connection is no longer possible. After disabling the network adapter (and a reboot) Commander works fine again.


Is it possible that Commander attaches itself to the secondary network card?

Is there a way to tell which IP address:Port combination Commander is listening to?

Can this be fixed (forced) to always be the same network card?

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