Problem Specifying Btw And Printer In Print File S’abonner

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<p>I'll leave this up here on the chance anybody else has weird problems in the future. The entirety of my problem was caused by using Textpad to edit the files, not notepad. Return was not putting a true carriage return in, which I found when I opened the same file in Notepad.</p>
<p>I deleted the rest of my post. I was having an issue for a couple of hours related to not being able to get &quot;Commander Script&quot; tasks within Commander to work. I had set what I thought was proper in the source flie according to&nbsp; , but it still wasn't working. Then I opened the file in notepad and realized that my use of Texpad had been confounding me; enter in text pad wasn't creating a true carriage return, so Commander wasn't reading the file properly!</p>

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