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I'm rather new to bartender so forgive me if I missed this answer somewhere (or if it's obvious and I'm missing it)....

I'm linked to a SQL database (our ERP software) and I'm trying to setup the criteria to pull a picklist date and return only data that has TODAYS date in the field. I'm familiar with Access and have tried the criteria of "date()" and several other things I thought might work but I cannot get it to work. (I get an error each time - OLD DB has encountered error .......). I suspect the date format of the database field is in the following format: 2/6/2012 8:46:00 AM.

Any help in figuring out the correct criteria to get it to return data with only todays picklist date would be great. (I'm also further narrowing down by sales order # so that I only get one picklist value at each time, but sometimes my sales orders has several previously shipped items and I can't have those appearing).

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