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Hey People!


I have a somewhat an usual problem I guess and hope you guys can help. I need to print lables from a database which dont have a serialisation like usual (start left top or right top to bottom etc.) but in fact I need to serialize (database) "through" the stack of labels downwards. Please take a look at the picture I attached so you guys understand.


Basically I have several different layouts and databases which I need to print this way. They are beeing printed on flat paper and then guillotine cut to stacks - that's why I need this order.



Here's my idea of a solution:


1. Is it possible to tell a textfield to start at a certain database-field (e.g. start at 2 instead of one)

2. is it possible to tell this particular field to increase by, let's say "3" instead of going throught the database step by step?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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