.net Sendprintercommand With Parameters (And No Popup Window) S’abonner

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Hi, I'm developing an application with .net to print labels with Bartender.
I can print and set variables no problem.
My issue is that in some cases I need to send specific commands to the printer, commands that are not supported directly by the Bartender drivers.
I'v seen that you can send commands to the printer uning the executeAction method from the printer class with SendPrinterCommand as parameter.
The problem is that when I use this command a popup shows up asking the user to insert to the command to send to the printer.
What I would like is not to have the user insert the command "by hand" but have my application decide what to send.
So, is there a way to create a function that calls the SendPrinterCommand AND includes a string with the command I want to sent to the printer?
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