Seagull Printer Driver Crash Attempt To Access Invalid Address S’abonner


My Bartender logs show an error - "There is an error in Page Setup Dialog. Please fix the problem and try again".


My Windows Event Viewer shows the following error corresponding to the above Bartender Error -





Source: Seagull Printer Driver

Date: 12/27/2015 7:15:05 AM

Level: Error

Error: Attempt to access invalid address

Caught in [DrvEnablePDEV]

MiniDump File: C:\ProgramData\Seagull\Drivers\Dump\sscrash_097.dmp


Could not attatch the Dump file as it is 11.8MB and the forums allow only 10MB. Can mail if needed. Can someone please analyze the dump file or otherwise let me know why the Seagull Printer Driver crashed?

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Ian Cummings
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Probably your best bet is to do a full removal of the Seagull printer drivers, reboot, and then reinstall using the latest version.  If you'd like the dump file analysed I suggest you get in touch with technical support for assistance:

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