Unable To Print Registered Symbol From Sap S’abonner

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I need to print registered symbol from SAP on datamax printer.When i create a label on bartender i don't file any symbols in the version 8.1 to insert.So i copy paste from net and insert symbol.ad when i print it print successfully.But when i tried to export an itf file.The exported file doesn't contain any symbol.It just contain / 1911S0100030070P008P008 . that is space followed by fullstop.When i upload the same code in SAP it does not print any symbol.

Please Suggest how to proceed


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Ian Cummings
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Standard SAPScript-ITF only supports non-extended ASCII characters and unfortunately for you the registration mark is an extended ASCII character. SAP does support UTF-8 encoding for SAPScript-ITF files, but I don't think BarTender v8.01 supported this encoding for SAPScript-ITF files.

Certainly using the latest version of BarTender I can export to a UTF-8 encoded file giving me the below result as an example.

/ 1911S0103500059P012P012BarTender Label Software®

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