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I'm trying to install Zebra_7.3.1.exe on my PC. In the Seagull Driver Wizard I choose Install printer drivers - Install a driver for a Plug and Play printer [Zebra ZM400 (600 dpi) - ZPL]. When I get to the finish button, the progress bar pops up but never moves. It's not frozen but it never makes any progress. Just says "Installing Drivers - Please wait while your system is updated". Also when I try to upgrade printer drivers or remove printer drivers, it crashes. I'm trying to install this driver on a 64-bit PC. There isn't another version for 64-bit PCs is there? I've successfully installed it on a 32-bit PC with no problems. Any ideas?

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Ian Cummings
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The driver you are using is correct. Make sure that no application (i.e. BarTender) is actively using any of the installed Seagull printer drivers. Check that no print jobs remain in the print queues. Try running the Driver Wizard while logged on as a system administrator, and for good measure restart the print spooler service before attempting to install.

Which version of Windows are you running?

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