Finding A Serialized Object On Label S’abonner

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Is there a way to determine which item on the label has been serialized in the bartender database or to determine the source of the data (i.e., data source, screen data, data time, etc)?


Yes. This is a crazy request.


Query attached.


DECLARE @Label VARCHAR(100) = 'LabelNameGoesHere.btw' 

FROM BtPrintJobNames pjn 
	JOIN BtPrintJobs pj ON pjn.PrintJobNameID = pj.nameid
	JOIN BtPrintedLabels pl ON pj.PrintJobID = pl.PrintJobID
	JOIN BtObjects obj ON pl.PrintedlabelID = obj.printedlabelID
	JOIN BtObjectNames objn ON obj.objectNameID = objn.objectNameID
	JOIN BtsubStrings ss ON obj.objectid = ss.objectid
	JOIN Btsubstringvalues ssv ON ss.SubStringValueID = ssv.SubStringValueID 
WHERE pjn.Name = @Label 


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