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Hi, I'm running an older version of PrintStation, 9.2 SR2.

This program used to display the thumbnails of the labels in the label selection screen... now it does not.. why? Is there an easy fix?

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Gene Henson
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I have a few questions for you regarding this.

What version of Windows are you using, and it is 32 or 64 bit?

You mentioned that this worked in that past. Was this on the same computer, or have you switched PC's? If it is on the same PC, to your knowledge, have there been any major changes recently?

Do you see anything in Print Station? Does it show something in place of a label preview?

If you switch Print Station to point to a different folder do you see the label previews there? Does it seem to be specific to one folder alone?

I'd also like to know if you see the label previews when to go to File > Open directly in BarTender.

You may need to contact a support office for some more personalized troubleshooting and a possible remote session into your desktop.

Here is our contact information:

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