Serial Numbers Resetting Every Print Job S’abonner

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Couldn't find anything about this problem in the forums, so I'm wondering if anyone's seen it before.


I have a serial number set up on my label that's set to reset every day. When I open the label in Bartender it works correctly and only resets at the beginning of the day. But when I open it in Print Station it resets for every print job. Anybody have an idea of what's going on?


I've also noticed that if I set the serial number to reset once it reaches a preset value (i.e. 999) it works fine in Print Station and doesn't reset every time. 


Any ideas?

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Domingo Rodriguez
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Please report this problem to Seagull Scientific directly by email. Include the product key code of your license, a screenshot of the "Help > About" dialog and the affected BarTender document.

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