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Dear Sir/Madam,


We currently work with Print Station.

We need to start the software, choose the right template and it's ready to go.


What is the best command line to open Print Station --> Template "X" --> Clicked "PRINT" button. So it print automatically directly.



Because after clicking "Print" a query pops up. The operator scans an barcode and the label will print. But this part is already finished.
I only need to know how to open a template automatically.


The reason why: If a system restarts, it will be immediately ready to take an input.

The operator does not have to click the above mentioned steps then.


Can someone help me with the right command line?


Thank you,


Kind regards


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Shotaro Ito
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Dear JOA,

You can create a command line shortcut to print a document and place in Startup folder. 


command line example

;For x86 environment
"C:\Program Files\Seagull\BarTender Suite\bartend.exe" /AF="C:\myfolder\mydoc.btw" /P /X

;For x64 environment
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Seagull\BarTender Suite\bartend.exe" /AF="C:\myfolder\mydoc.btw" /P /X

In BarTender's print dialog >Option, there's option of "Repeat data entry until cancelled". enabling that makes return to query after print.


Available Commandline options are shown in BarTender's Online help > Automating BarTender > Automation with command line interface > Command line parameter reference. 

Note that command line option is not supported in Professional edition - you need Automation Edition or above to automate BarTender.

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