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I have a document set up in bartender to print a hangtag.  I have the cutter enabled and the cut adjustment set to .15 inches.  This prints great using the bartender design application.  When I try to print using print station, the cut is way off.  If I try to adjust using the printer settings, it does not stay.  What am I doing wrong?

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Shotaro Ito
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On BarTender, open the document then on print dialog, specify printer explicitly - not use the one start from "(Default)". 

Then specify cutter setting and save the document, then try on Print Station.


If that's not help, 

Are the BarTender used in design and the Print Station in the same computer?

Is the printer used the same model and same printer name(icon name)?
What printer model, driver version and BarTender version do you use?

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