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Let me start by saying that I have never worked with label printers before. I started a new job (in manufacturing) and and now dealing with the datamx p1125 I believe. It is the newest one. It came with ONLY 6 pictures, not instructions, getting started guide, nothing. I mess with this thing for around 15 hours now. At one point we could scan the UPC labels, but hit and miss. There are not "sharp" in looks at all. It is terrible. I have tried about every setting you could imagine and once I was able to scan the majority of the labels, 2 days go by, no settings change, and they are not readable by our motoralla rf scanner. 

We use these labels that are about 1 inch in length and half that in width. About the size of a mike and ike candy i'd say. all drivers are installed. 

The very very weird thing is, is if the lables start to come out and get caught up on the black roller, when i pull them out, the bare codes are FLAWLESS. What the hell???!!!Why woudl that happen and why would these be so inconsistent all the time? I am responsible for this, but not having ever seen one, how would I know???

Has ANYONE used one of these on this type of label? It isn't the type that prints 3 on one, it prints one barcode and price on a small small UPC label. I am so dumbfounded as to why the barcodes are PERFECT when they get caught up under the black roller that they roll out on, but when printed regularly (USB) 1 out of 40 actually scan. What am I doing wrong??? Please, any specific information, pics, settings, etc would be of great help.


Again, These WERE scannable (for the most part) for a few day, no settings changed and now they look like crap. The first one ALWAYS scans, the rest, nope. What setting sdo I need? Why is this so difficult, why were there no instructions with such and expensive machine? Why would the bar codes look perfect ONLY when they get caught on the black roller that guides them out? This is one of the most frustrating things in the world. 

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Ian Cummings
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I've never used these printers myself, though I'd suggest you get in touch with Datamax technical support themselves, as this is primarily hardware issues, rather than contact us that only covers the BarTender software and printer drivers.

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