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I was wondering if there is a way of populating a scan code that can enter numbers into multiple fields using only one scan. I have two fields that need to be manually entered to log-in to an automatic scan program. There is a hand scanner as back up. Ideally, I would like to have a bar code set up that the operator could scan with the hand scanner instead of manually punching in the log-in codes. Basically, it would need to go. -6 digit code(first field) -tab key function -4 digit pin(2nd field) -enter key function The hand scanner automatically does the "enter" function upon scanning, so only the first 3 steps are required. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thank You

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Domingo Rodriguez
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What you could do is relate your data entry prompt with just a single text object in BarTender. You would place this text object out of BarTender's label design area (because you do not want to print it).

On your label design, place two text objects. As the source type for these Text Objects, use "Object Value" and now relate it with the object which is our of the label design area. Select the "Transforms" tab and choose "Truncation". Here you can set now how many characters to keep or discard. You can e.g. have the first object to keep 6 digits / characters, and the second to keep 4.

You don't necesarily need to create two text objects on your label, you could also create two text objects with two separate sources (both of them using the "Object Value" source type.

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