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We have a license to print to up to 10 printers. every now and then the system will reach 10 printers and our users are not allowed to print until we clear that queu. Is there anything that anyone has been able to do to clear that queu automatically so users do not have to wait all night before they can print. I guess only other option is to purchase additional seats.

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Ian Cummings
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It sounds like you have an older version of BarTender and License Server that required a manual intervention to clear away any unwanted or unnecessary printers from the used printer list in order to allow printing to a printer not on the list. In these older versions (v9.20 or earlier) such action is the only remedy.

From v9.30 onwards we introduced the concept of a 30 day grace period for exceeding the used printer license. Therefore, on those odd occasions where you exceed the printer license, printing will still be permitted so long as the license returns back to its allowed quota before the grace period ends. It should be noted that due to this extra flexibility, printers will now only automatically be removed from the list after a period of seven consecutive days of inactivity; whereas before this was twenty four hours.

Have in mind that in general, if you wish to print to X number of printers with BarTender you should get a printer license for X number of printers.

For further details on how printer licensing now functions, please take a look at the below white paper:

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