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Our Bartender 10.x and the license Server run on a Win XP Panel PC without internet connection. We had some technical problems with this pc, so we installed the security image of the PC on an new Panel PC (same hardwareconfig.). First we deactivated and then we activate the license on the new PC (bartender and the printers run fine). Some days ago the message "license expired in 0 days" appears. Our license is activated and i found no hints that something is wrong. Notwithstanding the message appears some days ago the software and printer work o.k.


What can we do, that the message doesn´t pop up.

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Shotaro Ito
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apply the latest Service Release for the version you have - for 10.0, 10.0 service release, and for 10.1, 10.1 service release. Deactivate the license from Activation wizard and Activate using the same Product Key Code again. If that's not help, please contact to regional technical support.

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