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I have created a label with a scale connected to it. I put my item on the scale and the scale prompt shows "3.97", however on my label the weight shows as "4.0 lb". How can I set the label to not round the weight to 1 decimal place, but preserve what the scale sends back, which is 2 decimal places? Additionally I would rather not have the "lb" included in the weight as I am trying to stuff the weight into a GS1-128 barcode. I can easily strip of the last 2 characters, but I thought maybe there was some other setting.


John Ducey

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Gene Henson
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You can configure the scale prompt to do both of the things you requested.

[*]Open your label and go to the Prompt Design view
[*]Open the scale prompt properties by double clicking the scale prompt
[*]On the scale display tab, find the Scale Control Properties area, and then click the properties button next to Scale Appearance
[*]Toward the bottom of the list of properties you will notice options to set the number of decimal places displayed and to turn on/off the weight units

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