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I have an object that is pulling information from a fiels in a database. I wish that base on the value of the field to be able to have available those two options:
- for value A to capture the value that will be displayed from the database
- for value B to display a prompt dialog and to capture the value that will be displayed on the label from there.

As practical example:
The field in the database is giving me the unit of measure - if the unit of measure is "EA" I wish to print on the label 1 (most of the cases I have "EA"). If unit of measure is "BX" I wish to print on the label the quantity of items packaged in the box (this number is variable and is not stored on the database). I cannot change the database so I wish to address this through a prompt (that user can use to introduce or select the quantity)displayed just when the unit of measure is different than "EA".

Any advice will be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you

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Ian Cummings
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I don't think this is really do'able from within BarTender itself. I think what you need to do is create an external application using something like VB.NET, and have this work as a front-end form for the user. This application would make the connection to the database and then conditionally show/enable a user prompt if the item is countable, to specify the number of items in a box. The application would then control BarTender via the automation interface in order for data to be set on the label and then printed.

The below white papers should get you started in this:

*Note that the Automation edition (previously know as the Enterprise) or higher would be required.

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