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Hello Everyone!

We have been looking for a solution for this now for months - i hope someone can help. :(

We need to create a EAN-128 Barcode (not a Code 128 or anything else!) from an excel file for producing gift cards. The barcodes are actually printed on the cards and the customer definetelly needs exacly that barcode an no other.

We therefore need to create the Barcode WITHOUT :huh: the application identifiert from an excel file. It's a 16 digit number in this case and we just need a plain EAN 128 Barcode generated but we cannot manage to disable Bartender to add the application identifier or GTINs or whatever they are called <_< and add a digit or two from time to time :angry: . It's frustrating and we hope that someone can help us here?

Here's a web-generator for what we need - I cannot post the link here for some reason but if you google for "tec-it barcode generator" you'll get there and see what I mean. They make the plain, stupid good barcode we need. We use many different softwares and it works perfectly well with any other software on the small labelprinters, or card printers, but for some reason we cannot manage to get it right in Bartender... so hlpefully someone can help us here :)

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated! :)

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Shotaro Ito
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Hi midorner,
[url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GS1-128"]EAN128(Now called GS1-128)[/url] is a type of Code128 barcode specified by GS1 and must start from FNC1 character, then start from Application identifier(AI), followed by data.
BarTender's GS1-128 automatically starts from FNC1 and enforces various AI rules such as AI(01)data is 13 digits number data + a check digit.
BarTender has to follow GS1 spec, Just like you have to follow customer spec :)

From your reference(this?)
It looks the barcode doesn't follow AI01's rule. to create this, you need to create a Code128 barcode with start from FNC1, by specifying [b]^1[/b] .
If you need to give brackets like "(01)123..", you can specify Human Readable tab > Character template > Set "(??)?????????????????????"
Hope that helps.

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