Labels On Datamax I-4208 With Bartender 9.4 S’abonner

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We are switching label priting from a Datamax Prodigy to Datamax I-4208's. We are having a problem getting the labels to print further down the label on small labels. The only way they seem to work is if the paper height is set to the label height, with 0 for top margin. This results in the output printing exactly at the top of the label. Using the wizard settings for margins results in the printing starting above the label, in the gap area. this results in losing 1/2 the top line. These labels are < .5" tall, so there is not a lot of room for fudging. Faking a larger paper or label size causes the output to go over multiple small labels.

Any ideas?

I am guessing there is something about a top of page sensor in the 4208, but it would seem Bartender would override these?

Looking at the old printer settings, there's no offsets set in the windows printer or on the print device.

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.


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Ian Cummings
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In the BarTender "Page Set-up" the page hight and label height should be the same and be the actual height of the physical label. Top and bottom margins should be set to zero as the printer will index over the gap for you.

The printing preferences for the label are accessed via the Print dialog by clicking the "Document Properties" button. These settings are saved with and used when printing.

On the printer's front panel menu system you should look for the row offset value and adjust it as needed. An alternative is to select the "Page Setup" tab in the printer driver, click the "Advanced Options" button and then specify a vertical offset there instead. Note that negative figures are permissible and that this particular setting is printer driver wide, not just for this label format.

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